The Foundation encourages Showcasing with a specific purpose, which is in keeping with its larger goals. Among the programmes that we have organized are:

  • Love Notes
    A programme that compelled one to realize the cogent links between five arts- A salute to “ Pluri-disciplinarity” in the Arts. Mrs. Manmohan Singh, our chief Guest loved the production from which we had to turn away people, as the numbers were far more than the seats. <View the photo gallery>
  • The Fifteen Minute Fringe Festival
    The Fifteen Minute Fringe is a Festival of the arts that creates a special space for artistic expression. It allows both upcoming and established artistes to say things in the way that they want to. No editorial controls and no thematic limitations. Get up and just do it is the motto of this Festival.It is about avant garde arts and collaborative efforts between artistesa s variant as digital artistes, saxophonists and Qawal’s in one les than 15 minute performance.

    It’s the Fringe because it is not mainstream- no tickets, no formality, no hierarchies and not even a static audience is necessary. Its Fifteen minutes because that is the maximum slot that we offer. However on offer may be a one-minute piece or a three minute long film. Even that is Kosher, as long as it is under fifteen minutes.

    A “vidushak” or jester who strings the evening’s programme, links each segment. The Fifteen Minute Fringe Festival, is a non ticketed event, for the people and artistes of Delhi. It is presented as collaboration between Kri Foundation and Kat Katha. Puppeteer Anuroopa Roy set up Kat Katha an association of puppeteers and storytellers that operates under the aegis of the Foundation of Universal Responsibility of HH Dalai Lama. It is committed to social issues and to making puppetry a more visible art form.

    The Fringe has included national and international artistes, and has been presented at India habitat centre, at Epicentre Gurgaon and at the Sri ram Centre. For the last two years has been part of the Delhi International Arts Festival.

    <View the photo gallery>
  • Cultural Fusion: Gender, Body and Movement
    A performance presentation and Dialogue by Jill Sigman. (Please note that although this programme was to feature Jill Sigman and Rama Vaidyanathan, in a dialogue of performance and ideas, eventually Ms. Vaidyanathan was unable to perform that day.)

    A collaborative programme with the Public Affairs Section, Embassy of the United States of America , this progarmme successfully explored the questions, contexts and experiences that inform the work of New York based dancer, choreographer and teacher, and founder of the dance company jillsigman/ thinkdance.

    The performance also pioneered the use of “improvisational game play” during performance, in which the audience participated enthusiastically. This was a path breaking effort, and is likely to be the face of the future in Performance. <View the photo gallery>
  • Dances from the Banks of the Brahmaputra
    This two-day festival, planned for 9th and 10th of April 2005 at India Habitat Centre, is a spectrum of dances from the beautiful state of Assam . The dances that are seldom seen in Delhi include the Jhumra, Bihu, Ojhapali, items from the recently recognized classical form, Sattriya, and an Ankiya Bhaona. The programme is devised as an educational tour for the people of Delhi , into the art of this northeastern state.
  • The Golden Showcase
    This is a six day performing arts event, commencing on 2nd November, 2005, is being curated to mark the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the premium college for women in India- Lady Shri Ram College. The Festival will feature distinguished alumni of this college who have impacted the world of the arts.
  • "Closing the artiste- audience distance" - A dance extravaganza by Madhavi Mudgal( 20th July 2005)

    This programme was conceived with a view to changing the "one way traffic" that most concerts turn out to be. It created space for a Q & A , permitting the audience members to ask questions to the dancer -choreographer, Madhavi Mudgal, that enhanced their understanding of the creative process and the resonances built into the work just seen.

    The number of questions that came forth proved that their is a genuine need for the audience to be explained the finer nuances of the creative process to be able to receive the experience in its entirety.

  • Sharad Vaibhava- Two Tales, One Story- "Om to Bismillah"

    As suggested by the title, this programme organized by Prasiddha Foundation and Kri Foundation, spread itself over three evenings of Discussion, Dance and Music, and concerned itself with the creative impulses provided by the Islamic and Hindu cultures . An amalgam of various forms and genres of art, with performances of Kathak by Rani Kahnum's group, Kathakali by the International Centre of Kathakali and Bharatnatyam by Pratibha Prahalad and recitals in Dhrupad by Wasifuddin Dagar and in Sufi music by Meeta Pandit. There was also enlightening talk on various aspects of arts by eminent speakers like Muzaffar Ali, K. Jaykumar, Smt. Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Jaya Jaitley and Dr. Alka Raghuvanshi and Bhai Baldeep Singh.

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